He is a comedian and computer technician by
trade.  He spread joy and disabilities
awareness through humor.  

He wants to share his success and help other
people in need.

My name is Andy and I have cerebral
palsy which makes it difficult to get around
sometimes. Mainstreamed into public
school and a regular classroom setting in
the 80s before the ADA laws.

I have had a successful career as a
computer technician and now work part
time for the same company.

I also am an aspiring comedian and Host
of Cripple in the Corner on YouTube.
Personal Goals
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90% of the donated fund will
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Jordan's programs  
Obtain a Peer Support
Specialist Certificate in TX

Advocate for people with
disabilities and be
Personal Goals
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Andy Achieve His Goals?

90% of the donated fund will
be used exclusively for
Andy's programs  

Help other people with
disabilities to achieve
success in life
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