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Anita's Story

My name is Anita Rutland. I am a resident of Rygate, Montana.
Ever since my parents passed away, I have been living alone,
alongside my 2 service dogs. For the past 14 years, I have
been struggling with a rare hereditary disease called Porphyria.
This disease attacks the nervous system leading to paralysis.
Ever since an acute attack, I have been forced to rely on a
power wheelchair.

Anita's Struggle

The town of Rygate is small with a population of little over 300 people. Due to my condition, I cannot utilize
the limited public transport here or services like Uber. In addition, we face harsh climate here that includes
more than 6 months of snow covered winters. These factors really limit my mobility making each day a
struggle. I normally rely on a few friends to do even the most basic chores like grocery shopping.

Anita's Goal

                                             It is my dream to become self-sufficient and not to rely on and be a
                                             burden on others. To achieve this dream, I am in need of new
                                             transportation. Not just any disabled vehicle will work with the snow,
                                             bumpy terrain and cattle guards. The vehicle best suited for me, my
                                             wheelchair, my environment that will work is the 4x4 Chevy Suburban
                                             with Mobility SVM driver side conversion. I would greatly appreciate any and
all the help I can get to achieve this basic level of mobility..

Anita's Dream

It is my dream to embark on a journey with my 2 service dogs, and
make a difference in many realms by photographing and writing about
the beauty across rural, lesser known areas of our country, wildlife,
pets, scenery, and people. In an effort to encourage others to see the
value in everyone and everything. I wish to do this in hopes of
fostering respect for all peoples, of all abilities, encourage rescue of
pets, protection of land and wildlife, and inspire those with Disabilities
to focus on their Abilities and to follow their dreams. I feel I have so
much to offer if I can overcome this one barrier to life.