Greg Landers, our founder and CEO, is one of the oldest
men living in the San Francisco Bay Area with Duchenne
Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). He has been living in a
quadriplegic state his entire adult life, and can breathe
only via a ventilator. Having personally experienced the
disadvantages and frustrations of being disabled, he has
always been a strong advocate for people with
disabilities. More importantly, he realized that people with
disabilities could have a chance to excel in life, only if
they are given help and opportunities. Unfortunately,
most of the available programs extend as far as
maintaining their daily lives. Clearly absent were
programs for improving quality of life, such as: access to
higher education, career and relationship development,
traveling, and many other opportunities to experience all
that life has to offer for people without disabilities.
Because of that wide vacancy, Greg founded Living
Beyond Boundaries.

Greg Landers

Jason Gunzer is a member of the Board of Directors he
has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  He is 35 years old
and resides in Olympia, Washington. He has a degree
in Computer Aided Drafting and runs several websites
including the Living Beyond Boundaries site. He joined
LBB in order to use his talents and skills in a way that
can help others. He believes that with a little help and a
positive attitude every obstacle can be overcome.

Jason Gunzer

Hi I'm Ashley. I have a c1-c2 spinal cord injury. I
graduated college in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in
accounting. Beads and country music are my life! I
started making and selling jewelry a few years ago.
BDelight was officially started in 2013, and I never
looked back. I love being able to express my creative
side through beads and have people be as excited
about each piece as I was making it.

Over the years, I've learned to use my disability to help
others live their life to the fullest and find new ways to
do the things they love to do. I've never believed in the
word "can't". There's always ways if you want it bad
enough. I joined Living Beyond Boundaries because I
wanted to continue to help other disabled people
become successful in all aspects of life and not let their
limitations hold them back.

Ashley Hughes

Milan Patel is a member of the Board of Directors, and
was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
(DMD) at about six months old. He is currently a college
student at... studying web design and web development.
He enjoys sports, computers, and anything else
associated with technology. Milan has lost to DMD both
an uncle, who he never met, and in 2016 a cousin, six
months younger than himself, as a result of respiratory
failure. Milan decided to join Living Beyond
Boundaries partly because of his cousin’s death, since it
may have been prevented if he had access to proper
medical equipment. He believes that everyone deserves
proper access to medical equipment.

Milan Patel
Gretchen Bailey is our WCMX Coordinator, as well as a wife,
mother, WCMX rider, Crossfitter, and Quad Rugby Player.

Gretchen resides in North Houston, Texas, where she hosts
Living Beyond Boundaries’s bimonthly WCMX program.
Gretchen also has her own YouTube channel, with a
personal Blog that captures the victories and challenges of
living an adaptive life with both cerebral palsy and a
compromised autoimmune system.

Gretchen Bailey
WCMX Wheelchair MotorCross
Empowering the Lives of People with Disabilities!
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