Sure it is easier to do nothing, but now it is time to make a change.  Join
Living Beyond Boundaries today and start living your life to the fullest!
Step 1. Apply For Membership
Simply fill out the application online, tell us who you are,
and select a volunteer position if you want to get involved.
What’s a better way to tell the world who you are than with
your own “Personal Bio” webpage? Creating one is easy
because we do most of the work for you. Just submit your
stories and pictures, and we will do the rest.     (Optional)
Step 2. Your Very Own Personal Bio Page
Step 3. Set Your Life Goals
Take our initial life coaching assessment questionnaire,
then find what activities, career choices, and life goals
are best matched with you. Get life coaching whenever
you need more guidance.
Living Beyond Boundaries designs our programs with
the goal of helping our members achieve success. We
encourage you to participate in programs that fit your
needs. Feel free to make suggestions if you don’t see a
Step 5. Plan Your Activities
Work with your Event Coordinator to plan activities
associated with your goals. Your Members Coordinator
will help you set a budget to fund your programs and
Step 6. Fundraising Campaign at Your Bio
Update your “Personal Bio” webpage with your current
goals and activities, then work with your Campaign
Coordinator to raise funds by getting sponsors and
donations via your bio page. 90% of the donation will
be contributed to your programs. Living Beyond
Boundaries will raise funds and subsidize your
programs for the difference should you not meet your
Empowering the Lives of People with Disabilities!
Living Beyond Boundaries, Inc.

Telephone: 1 (888) 596 - 5996
501(c)(3) Charitable Nonprofit Corporation For People With Disabilities  
Tax Exempt Number: 81-3813213