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One of the oldest men living in the San Jose,
California bay area with Duchenne Muscular
Dystrophy (DMD).
Hi, my name is Greg Landers, and at 46 years
of age, I am one of the oldest men living in
San Jose, California Bay Area with Duchenne
muscular dystrophy (DMD). I’ve been very
fortunate to have love and support from family
throughout my life. They are my greatest
inspiration to stay positive and live my life to
the fullest.
As you may know, life with DMD is full of
challenges, and most do not live past their teens.
My signs of trouble began when I was 15 months
old, when I hadn’t yet began walking; and at 18
months, I still couldn’t walk without holding onto
something. My physician tested me, since my
cousin had similar problems and passed away in
his teens.
<< Greg's 45th birthday party with his sister and nephew
Greg's 6 month old picture >>
I was always the kid on the block with mobility
challenges. As my disease progressed, walking
became more difficult, and by age ten, I was in
a wheelchair. A few years later, my family
moved to Arizona, thus giving me the
opportunity to explore the desert areas on my
own, where I loved to see the exotic animals.
Due to my inquisitive nature and my positive
outlook, I left my share of wheelchair tire tracks
in the dust of Arizona’s desert, flat tires and all.
That taste of Arizona lead me to realize I was
not limited by my disabilities.
<< Greg's 40th birthday trip to Las Vegas
When I was seventeen, the doctor told me I
needed surgery to fix my spine curvature,
which was due to scoliosis. Several months
later, I was a new me. I had an iron rod
implanted in my spine, and I was even three
inches taller. I recall being very proud,
calling myself a bionic man, just like the TV
show the “Six Million Dollar Man."
Although my body was progressively weakening,
I was still living a relatively independent lifestyle,
although I slept longer than usual each night. It
wasn’t until we took a trip to Lake Tahoe on my
birthday that I had difficulty breathing. We weren’
t sure if it was the change in altitude, or if my
condition had worsened, so we headed back
home. The lower altitude did help some;
however, by the time we returned home, my nail
beds, tongue, hands, and face had a blue cast,
due to my low oxygen saturation. We went to the
ER for several hours, returning home with an
oxygen tank to help me breathe. Two

months later, tracheostomy surgery was
performed to prevent respiratory failure, and I
have been on the ventilator since. At the time,
my life expectancy on a ventilator was estimated
in the mid-twenties.
Now, one of my favorite things to do is
travel to new places. I have gone on trips
with my nurses every few years, to
destinations like Las Vegas, Tennessee,
Texas, and Florida. I took a cruise to
Cancun, Mexico, and I’ve taken many other
road trips throughout California. One of my
fondest memories was when my caregiver,
Eric, and I had the opportunity to meet
Brad Paisley, one of my favorite country
music stars at the Fan Fare in Nashville,
Tennessee. Just know that nothing is
impossible, whatever life throws your way.
So never give up and continue living your
life to the fullest.
<< Beautiful sunny day out for produce shopping
Greg at his family's Christmas party
Greg at Las Vegas  >>
Upon discharge, the hospital arranged
in-home nursing care of sixteen hours
per day. It felt strange being on a
ventilator and having air pushed into
my lungs; I had no voice, only
something of a loud whisper, thus
making it difficult to communicate.
Nevertheless, life didn’t stop because
of my ventilator, so I challenged
myself, to never let my DMD defeat
me, and to never give up. It takes
courage and will to want to live.
Greg and his nephew  >>
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