WCMX Program Coordinator
Houston, Tx Branch

A wife, a mother, a Paralympic advocate, and an
adaptive athlete.  

Life in wheels doesn't slow speeds up!
- Gretchen BaileyS
My name is Gretchen Bailey, I am a 33 yr old wife,
mother, and adaptive athlete. I was diagnosed with
cerebral palsy in infancy. The name for the type of
cerebral palsy I have is called Little's Disorder. This
makes the muscles in my body spastic, (too tight to
function properly). While it affects my entire body, my
right hand side is more severe and both legs are
impacted more than my arms. I grew up with asthma
so severe I was on at home oxygen as a child, and
although I wore leg braces (AFO's) I was fully
ambulatory.  Things changed drastically 8 yrs ago
when my son was delivered while I was in a medically
induced coma due to a lung infection gone deadly.
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Afterwards my cerebral palsy seemed to
worsen (this condition is not supposed to
worsen). I attributed it to the active life
requirements of raising a child. However, when
my son stopped gaining weight as an infant and
was developing at a delayed rate we began a
search for answers. Through genetic testing of
both of us an EXTREMELY rare genetic
mutation of the Plexin3 gene was discovered
and now is believed to be the culprit for my
cerebral palsy getting worse.I also developed
Drusin in the optical nerves. This robbed my
peripheral and night vision, that and seizures
caused me to hand over my drivers license
voluntarily 2 years ago.
My family and I grew up viewing a
wheelchair as an enemy, the
ultimate defeat. I was oblivious to
the qualifications of the
Paralympics and as a result I
missed out on a life that could have
been over flowing with athletic
endeavors. Now I use a chair on a
daily basis, but now I also am
proud to call myself an athlete. I
compete in WCMX (hitting a
skate-park in a wheelchair) and
hope to get a group organized in
Houston, I am an adaptive
cross-fitter, and I play on the TIRR
Texans Quad Rugby team. I learned
a very valuable lesson, life in
wheels doesn't slow
speeds up!
My goal is to help redefine the way people view chairs, and increase awareness of Paralympic sporting
opportunities for those who have a full gambit of disabilities. If you would like someone to speak to a school
or group email me I would love to help in anyway I can!
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