Jason Gunzer
Over the years I have been able to travel to fun
places, to meet lots of cool people and learn many
things. I have been lucky enough to go on three make
a wish trips, two to Disney World, one to Hawaii and
lastly a bonus trip to San Francisco. I have been able
to live in Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and
Washington.Over my trips I had a chance to meet Joe
Montana, Reggie White and many others. Through all
my ups and downs I have had the love and support of
family and friends to help me to always keep going
forward not backward. Wherever a problem came up
we would figure out a solution and move on . Two of
the things I have learned from life are to always keep
a sense humor no matter what life throws at you.
Second that every limitation has a solution you just
have to find it.
I graduated from high school in 2000
and an AA degree in computer aided
drafting and design in 2006. In my free  
time I like to watch movies and TV    
especially Star Wars, I also read all
kinds of books mostly sci-fi and
fantasy. I love to work on, use, fix
and play around with computers
and technology.  
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Hey, my name is Jason Gunzer I am 35
years old and currently live in Olympia,
Washington. I have Duchenne muscular
(DMD)  I was diagnosed at 5 when they
discovered my older brother had it as well. I
also have a younger brother with DMD, both
my brothers have since passed away from
complications of it. Over the years the
disease has taken away a lot of things and
given me lots of equipment and way more
experience with hospitals than anyone
would want. You could say that I've been
through a lot and not be wrong however
that's only part of the story.
My picture before surgery
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