A driven young man who suffered from Duchenne
muscular dystrophy.  He has a passion for sport and
technology.  He is currently attending college and
volunteering to help people with disabilities.
From that we realized my mom’s
brother who had passed away never
diagnosed from what we know
because of being born in a small
village in India without access to
specialists back then. Since then my
cousin born 6 months after me in
India was also diagnosed and he has
since passed away about a year ago
because of a respiratory issue that
may have been prevented if he had
access to the proper equipment
where he lived in India.
I am glad I have access to all the
medical equipment I need and it upsets
me to see that many people do not.

I grew up going to public school where I
got along with mostly everyone. There
were some kids here and there that
would make fun of me moving slower but
for the most part no issues. When I was
8 it was get increasingly difficult for me
to walk without a walker and I was
walking on my toes. On February 7th,
2005 I walked into the hospital and had
tendon release surgery and was in
Children’s Specialized Hospital for
exactly 2 months until I went home and
continued with outpatient therapy.
Unfortunately I was never able to walk

<< My sister and I when I was reharbing
from tendon release surgery in 2005 at
8 years old.
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Hello, my name is Milan Patel and I am 20
years old. I have Duchenne muscular
dystrophy or DMD. When I was 6 months old,
my pediatrician noticed I had missed a few
milestones and was not gaining much weight.
She sent us to different specialists and after
a muscle biopsy was completed I was
officially diagnosed with DMD.
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< <  Milan at 11 months old
wheelchair for the first times and I was
help push my wheelchair. One day in 2006
I tried to reach for something I dropped,
forgetting my seatbelt was not on and sure
enough I fell out of my chair and cracked a
wheelchair for the first times and I was a
help push my wheelchair. One day in 2006
I tried to reach for something I dropped,
forgetting my seatbelt was not on and sure
enough I fell out of my chair and cracked
my femur. After it healed I had no more
accidents of that nature.  

In middle school I started using my first
power chair and had independence to go
around.  After getting to high school I
because I was having breathing problems
at night.

My junior and senior year of high school
was when I found myself getting quite tired
because of long days and missing a lot of
days school. Nevertheless I graduated with
my senior class in 2014.

After I decided to take online
how tired I was getting.  I am still
taking them and since I have
only gotten sick once compared
to every few months in high
I have a big passion of sports,
especially New Yankees
baseball. I have attended
several games. I am also a big
technology nerd to everyone
that knows me.
High School graduation after getting
diploma in June 2014 at 18 years.        >>
My Dad and I at my sister’s wedding reception on August 13, 2016.
My sister and I in Myrtle Beach, SC, during Thanksgiving weekend
of 2006 at 10 years ago
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