Nicolas is a good brother, student, advocate for
people with disabilities, and above all, he is a
warrior who fought to rise above the disabilities
and challenges that he has to overcome everyday!
I am now 19 years old, and the accident took place in
2010 when I was just 13. The car's brakes failed and
my cousin and I ended up hitting a tree. Fortunately
my cousin was okay, but I sustained serious injuries.  
the adaptation from being a typical teenager to
suddenly having to use a chair to go everywhere is
very difficult.   Nevertheless I have learned to always
do my best overcoming obstacles and live life to the

My favorite thing to do is swimming.  It is a very
competitive sport, which also helps with my recovery.  
I am addicted to watching movies and cinema is my
favorite place to go.  I also love playing LEGO with my
10 years old sister.  She is my everything and she
keeps me focus on progressing in life.
double majoring in International
Business and Accounting.  I am good
with numbers, and I chose these two
majors because they involved the
resources management and legal
studies, etc.  I want to be a person
studies, etc.  I want to be a person
whom acquires a broad range of values
whom acquires a broad range of values
and knand knwledges, because I value
the wledges, because I value the
oointegrality of humanity.  

Being one of the Columbian
ambassadors for Living Beyond
Boundaries, Inc. would adds to my
experiences as a future professional.  
The experiences of meeting people with
difference abilities, ways of thinking and
different cultures would propel me to
better advocate for the people with
Personal Goals
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90% of the donated fund will
be used exclusively for
Nicolas' programs  
Nicolas really needs a light
weight wheelchair that is
current wheelchair doesn't
work very well for him, being
that it is 6 years old and not
very suitable for his size.
Hi everyone, my name is Nicolas Medina.  I
also go by Nicolas Jones.  "Jones" is my
step father's last name.  I was born in
Colombia, which is located in South
America.  I suffered spinal cord injury with T
12 incomplete from a car accident 6 years
ago.  The accident left me paralyzed from
waist down.  Since then I was able to
received several surgeries and some
therapies in the United States of America.
My picture before surgery
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