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San Mateo Abilities Expo
Oct 27 - 29 2017
San Mateo Abilities Expo

Imagine everything you need, all under one roof! For nearly 40
years, Abilities Expo has been the go-to source for the Community
of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans and
healthcare professionals. Every event opens your eyes to new
technologies, new possibilities, new solutions and new opportunities
to change your life. Where else can you discover ability-enhancing
products and services, play a few adaptive sports, learn new dance
moves, attend informative workshops and only scratch the surface
of what Abilities Expo has to offer?
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Address: San Mateo Convention Center
2495 S Delaware St, San Mateo, CA 94403
Time: Fri. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Sat. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Sun 11 a.m. - 4

Subsidized Group Cruise

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Affordable subsidized group cruise rate
  • Campaign help rise fund for the cruise
  • Fun on board Playlist Productions with musical, dancers,
  • Group activities on the cruise and off shore
  • All you can eat buffets
  • Interior Staterooms with private bathroom
  • Flexible dates
Empowering the lives of People with disabilities!
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