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Scholarship - for students with disabilities                      
  • Up to $2,500 Annually
    * $700 for Part Time Students
    * $300 for Online Students

  • Qualifications
    * Must have a form of disability
    * Be a United States citizen
    * Pursuing a college degree or
    trade school certification
    * Meet SSI income guideline

  • Limited Applications accepted
JOIN US to attend different personal advancement events while
traveling the world!
Open Journey
Personal Advancement & Traveling
Wishing Candles Grant

Grant One Wish

to an adult person with
disabilities who is
suffering from a
degenerative or
malignant condition
currently placing his/her
life in jeopardy.
Career Advancements

  • We offer many volunteer-based
    career opportunities within Living
    Beyond Boundaries. Some may
    evolve into paid positions.

  • We contract with different private
    companies, which employ some of
    our qualified members for various

  • We help our members obtain
    trainings for the career they want.
Your Goals, We Coach  
General Life Coaching
  • Life coaching includes
    assistance in planning and
    achieving your goals.

  • A Campaign Coordinator will
    help raise funds to support
    your goals.

  • An Event Coordinator will
    help you arrange the
    logistics to achieve your
Peer Mentors
FUN - choices of indoor or outdoor
meeting locations, and engaging
group topics and events.

RESOURCEFUL - peers share their
knowledge and offer emotional
supports for each other.   

HEART TO HEART - sincere heart
warming conversations with our
Peer Mentors.  Unwavering supports
to people with disabilities.
Hardship Grant

Emergency Grant for people with
disabilities who are in need of help
due to significant medical and
financial hardship.

Applicants need to have
exhausted all available public and
private grants and loans options.  

One time grant will be given to
qualified applicants based on needs
Empowering the Lives of People with Disabilities!
Living Beyond Boundaries, Inc.

Telephone: 1 (888) 596 - 5996
501(c)(3) Charitable Nonprofit Corporation For People With Disabilities  
Tax Exempt Number: 81-3813213