Wheelchair Motorcross
WCMX Houston Skate Sessions

When: The third Friday of each month through December from 7pm-9pm

Where: North Houston Skate Park,12351 Kuykendahl rd., Houston, TX 77090

Register online at: www.livingbeyondboundaries.org/wcmx.html

Limited loaner skate chairs are being provided thanks to Mike Box of Box Wheelchairs. Limited
safety gear available for use during the session.  So please register ahead of time to ensure
that we have helmets and pads for every rider.
You do not have to use a wheelchair on a regular basis to ride with us, just a physical
condition which affects your ability to skate in other ways. Adaptive skateboarders are welcome
to skate with us also for more info contact WCMX Houston program director Gretchen Bailey at
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