Peer Mentoring Program

Feng Widergren


Edited By Feng Widergren, Acting COO | CFO

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Our peer mentors work with you to overcome barriers that stand between you and an independent quality of life.

Staff members who live with their own disabilities are available for people who have disabilities and need assistance in living as independently as they choose. Whether the consumer’s disability is recent or long-term, the peer mentors serve as living templates to successful independence.

A peer mentor works to motivate other people with disabilities by being a role model and offering encouragement, guidance, listening, teaching, suggestions, and referrals to resources.

Through the peer relationship, people with disabilities identify the barriers that are preventing them from being as independent as they would like to be. Then they work with the peer mentor to create goals for overcoming those barriers, and to develop a plan to accomplish those goals through guidance and encouragement.

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