One year anniversary

By Feng Widergren, CFO

Saturday we hosted our organization’s first year anniversary celebration at my home, located in East San Jose, California.  It was exactly one year ago this day, 08/18/2016 we were granted our nonprofit corporation status, and a star was born in the sky to guide us during the long road ahead of our journey to living beyond boundaries.


As a healthcare provider, I have come to be more familiar with different disease processes, and the daily challenges of a person with disabilities has to face.  By nature, the mother in me wants to protect, the nurse in me wants to care, the entrepreneur in me wants to build, and the leader in me wants to guide.  Living Beyond Boundaries, INC. came as a response to the mounting outcries from the disabled community to address the lack of better access to quality care, and especially for lack of awareness in disabilities wellness and general understanding of disabilities among the general public, lack of flexibility in existing programs, lack of services in terms of medical supplies, nursing care, housing, etc, and last but not least, equality for people with disabilities to participate in the general workforce and relationships of all sorts.  We are fortunate to be living in the United States where disabilities are more widely accepted, but there is much more that needs to done among other developing and underdeveloped countries.  It was with these issues in mind, Living Beyond Boundaries, INC. had set ground a year ago to change those conditions, and much more.  


In the course of building a better environment for our growing and matured disabled communities, we found the heart of humanity.  I believe humanity is most prevalent when a person is in his or her most selfless state of mind.  Few things in life are pure, but volunteerism come very close to it, as innate as love and death.  After all, what is more invigorating than a group of talented people putting their minds and hearts together for the greater good of others?  I am convinced that this is the heart of humanity at play.  Takers may accumulate substances that fulfill their material needs, but the endless hunger for more and more is a double edged sword that drains their energy and happiness.  I found giving to be a much more enlightened way of living, and the effects we made in our society will live on long after our times.  At work, I have been touched by so many of my patients’ courageous stories and was exposed to their deepest side of humanities during the passing of their journey on earth with us.  I am grateful to have a chance to do more in this lifetime while I am still able, so when my time has come I can rest assured that my legacy will live on, and continue, hard at work, to empower the lives of people with disabilities.  


A flashback of moments of smiling faces during our party reminded me never to forget what is most important in our mission: people come first!  Not business, not projects, not fundraising, but people.  This should be the core belief of our practices, and the path to our hearts will lead us to success and what a nonprofit organization is truly meant to be.  


I want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers again for choosing to join our mission in empowering the lives of people with disabilities!  We could not exist without your support in the past year, nor will we exist without you in the future.  Together, let’s make new breakthroughs and have fun along the way.

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