Career Program For People With Disability

Alexis Meehan

By Alexis Meehan, Editor, LBB News  

Updated 1:54 PM PST, Mon October 30, 2017

Announcing The Ismael Cavazos Career Program

The Ismael Cavazos Career Program will provide paid careers for ventilator-dependent disabled people who live primarily in the Texas area. Careers will include jobs that directly contribute to the program funding. The program will offer jobs such as Fund-Raising Callers,Customer Service Representatives, and other similar types of virtual positions.

Our objective is to offer a way for ventilator-dependent disabled individuals to make a living as well as communicate with the world that is outside of their confined living areas. These individuals will be able to work from either their own homes or from nursing homes. For these people, having a career will promote independence as well as advocate for the rights and quality of life of the disabled. Thousands of disabled individuals have the ability and the desire to work,and this program will enable them to contribute to their communities while also gaining a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Program participants will be those individuals with disabilities. The program is especially suited for those who are ventilator-dependent and living in either a nursing home or in their own home. The program will target primarily the Texas area, but can extend to nationwide.

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