Disabilities: living with boundaries or not!



Edited By Brenda Williams, Writer | Editor 

Unfortunately, a person who has a disability often will face boundaries/obstacles that those of us who do not have a disability will not.  It is not only frustrating and trying for the person who is disabled but for their family as well.

Boundaries Faced by a Person With Disability


A financial burden can have a seriously negative effects on those of us who are “healthy and whole”.  For a person with a disability it is even more crucial.  If they are not eligible for a payment or reimbursement from an insurance company or able to obtain Medicaid, Medicare or some kind of Social Service, the funding falls on them and their families.


This would include but is not limited to:

  • Services that they might need but is unavailable for their use unless they are knowledgeable of how to obtain them
  • Special equipment to aid them in their mobility (i.e. a motorized wheelchair would be extremely helpful to some)
  • Renovations for their home to make everyday tasks (cooking, bathing, etc), accessible
  • Medications are not always affordable
  • Transportation
  • Special foods for the diet that they have been given

Having  to fight the “red tape” to get the services and programs needed, meeting the “eligibility”  requirements as well as meeting the deadlines can be a major challenge.

The lack of coordination between the service providers (physicians primary care & specialists, therapists, social workers, counselors, etc.).  As does varying and inconsistent information given to them.

Needed services that are either non-existent or trials only.

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