About The Organization

Breaking Boundaries and Live Life to the fullest!

Our Programs

Our programs including life coaching, open journey, personal advancement opportunities, vocational training, job placement, and many more to help our members live a fulfilling and meaningful life. see their dreams come true. 

Organization's First Year Anniversary Celebration
IT Specialist: Bharat Alla, HR Director Ashwin Palaskar

Our Hope

We hope that, with support, our members will reach beyond the tasks of everyday life with a disability to realize their full potential and to see their dreams come true. 

Corporate location

We are based in San Jose, California, United States.  However, we work on a virtual office system to offer the most efficient and flexible ways for our volunteers to work together from anywhere in the word.  

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the best services to people with disabilities.  

Jessica Holden Profile

Jessica Holden

Legal Manager

Dolly Unnikrishnan (1)

Dolly Unnikrishnan

Senior Graphic Designer

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Deepika Mathur

Compliance Director

Nia (1)

Nia Luu

Graphic Designer